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Our team is looking for an experienced Brand Impact Manager (Account Management / Brand Leader / Project Manager) to become a “trusted advisor” at the project level by demonstrating strong business acumen, strategic thinking, and shared mission aligned ideas. You will bring a fresh, energetic voice and perspective to our day-to-day projects as you manage the engagement with a portfolio of client partners. You will drive our current pieces of business with varying points of relationship tenure as well as step in to lead and contribute to new pillars of business as they are won.

As the day-to-day point of contact for our client partners, you will coordinate resources needed to service projects, build strategic operational plans, and balance the expectations of client partners with the execution of creative work. While delivering against immediate business and social impact goals for our client partners, you will also strategically establish long-term influence in order to expand organic growth objectives.

In this role, you will work within a lean, senior, entrepreneurial, and solutions-oriented team and collaborate across our other departments. The right candidate for this role will have a proven ability to successfully balance the interests of both our client partners and enso. You will report to the Head of Brand Impact and Managing Partner.

What You’ll Do:

Client Engagement

  • Actively build trusted client partnerships to become a valued advisor to reach our mutual creative and strategic potential.

  • Become a credible, respected and indispensable source to client partners and our team for business intelligence, competitive insight, and a broader field of vision across internal business units.

  • Serve as a balanced advocate and reliable bridge between both our partners and enso, setting our internal team up for success, while inspiring the client toward great work.

  • Set and manage realistic expectations with clients from initial project kick off, milestones, and ultimate project wrap up.

  • Accurately develop and define project scopes, parameters, budgets, and timelines, as a partner to our Director of Project Management & Operations.

  • Manage project budgets by balancing the desires of clients with what the team needs to succeed.

  • Develop and own systems to clearly translate and share clients’ feedback and insights with the Project Management, Strategy, Creative and Production teams.

  • Ensure final completion of projects to a specific schedule and within an agreed budget.


  • Develop strong relationships with team members and identify strategic ways to invest in the professional growth and development of your team members.

  • Enable flow at the project level — to effectively collaborate and deliver best-in-class quality products to our clients.

  • Collaborate closely and efficiently with Project Management, Strategy Creative and Production teams.

  • Drive fiscal accountability for your project work streams, working with Operations to oversee project billings, long-term forecasting and profitability.

Business Growth & Expansion

  • Set and deliver on internal goals for existing business expansion.

  • Work upstream with clients to qualify, shape and strengthen upcoming briefs/opportunities for strategic rigor, and to maximize enso’s business value.

  • Drive opportunity conversion by helping client partners position and sell-thru enso work, thought leadership and proposals to their internal team.

Who You Are:
  • Seasoned Client Manager - While you may have a minimum of 5+ years of overall experience, you have led a major account and have delivered a strategic and impactful campaign.

  • Organized Compromiser - You are extremely well-organized in your approach; however you know when and how to compromise in order to find solutions that work for everyone and keep the work moving forward.

  • Gifted Communicator - You communicate exceptionally. You’re direct and can give and receive constant feedback. You have a talent in persuasion and a knack for negotiations.

  • Humble Leader - You lead by example. You’ve managed direct reports and foster the development of others, proactively creating team culture that enables your colleagues to thrive.

  • Confident Collaborator - You have the maturity and confidence to establish a strong working relationship with a range of clients--from super effortless to very demanding and challenging.

  • Relationship Builder - You’re naturally a people-person and have a genuine ability to earn trust quickly. It's not uncommon that some clients organically develop into friends.

  • Strategic Thinker - You have demonstrated the ability to plan and lead strategic, complex projects with clients or partners. You can think outside the box and are solutions-agnostic.

  • Mission-aligned Team Player - You’re 100% passionate and have a deep passion for creating social impact. You’re known for building strong relationships among your teammates. You bring humility and integrity, and even jokes to the table every day.

Skills & Qualifications:
  • Minimum of 5+ years in a brand leadership role

  • Proven experience organizing and directing teams and departments

  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form

  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity

  • Thrives in a remote-work dynamic

Here’s What You Can Expect...

Your impact in this role

  • You will contribute to building world changing shared missions with some of today's top people-powered brands dedicated to impact from Indeed and Lyft to social enterprise startups in the Ed Tech and Climate spaces.
  • You will positively impact all systems and processes within enso.

The growth and development you will experience 

  • You will join an incredibly talented team from a diverse range of backgrounds ranging from top creative agencies to political campaigns and advocacy groups to startups and nonprofits, all who are dedicated to continued learning.
  • You will further develop your ability to thrive in a small, fast-paced environment.

The tangible and intangible perks of this role

  • You will receive a competitive salary and benefits package.
  • This is currently a remote position as Enso does not presently use a shared physical space to conduct business. There are meeting spaces available to you, as needed.
Feel Right For You? Throw your hat in the ring!

Please email careers@enso.co with your resume and answers to the following questions. The short-answer questions below are designed to replace a cover letter, please take your time with them.

What Happens Next?

We promise that every application will be met with human eyes. We care about your candidate experience and will do our best to communicate with you quickly. The next step will be a short initial phone conversation with a member of our Talent Team.

If you are chosen to join our team, you will be invited to enjoy:

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Matching up to 4% of a 401K (free money!)
  • Medical insurance and disability insurance
  • Work from anywhere every day
  • An open vacation policy
  • Generous holiday calendar

Interested? Short Answer Questionnaire

Send an email to careers@enso.co with the subject line: Brand Impact Manager Position and the answers to the short questionnaire below:

  1. Tell us why the prospect of joining Enso in this capacity both excites you and aligns with your personal journey and career goals. Consider both the mission of the company and the function of the role. (150 words max)
  2. Share with us an experience when you were responsible for leading an integrated staff working in various workstreams over an extended period. (200 words max)
  3. It can be hard to talk about compensation but it's critical. Please can you share a range that you’re looking for in the next role? This isn't to negotiate of course, it's just to make sure we can be in the right ballpark (or close) from the start. We want to make the best use of everyone's time!

OPTIONAL. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your candidacy for this role? Feel free to provide links.

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