Enso Creative Director/Future Designer

Full-time hire (with contractor role a possibility)

enso is a network of highly ambitious designers [designers in the broadest sense of the word] that dedicate their time and energy to helping the most ambitious companies in the world reach a new paradigm of positive impact.

We are looking for a creative leader to join our core team. The ideal candidate has an integrated creative vision, being able to orchestrate all creative disciplines towards holistic creative projects that include communications, but go much beyond that - including recreating companies’ principles and practices, designing multi-decade impact products | programs | systems, and solving contemporary challenges that haven’t been solved before.

10 or more years of experience are likely to be fundamental to such a level of understanding and thinking - but are not strictly necessary. Proven experience in the world of brands is also probably helpful, but not mandatory. A proven track of creative thinking and execution on a global scale is very important for this position.

Our core team is very compact, by design. A guild. Not a pyramid. We craft every single aspect of a project carefully, in a non-industrial manner. That’s the only way to achieve the level of excellence a project needs to succeed in such a complex and fast-moving world. To be able to be happy working in this position, you need to be comfortable with less. You need to believe that small, mighty teams can achieve anything and everything. You need to nurture a self-generative creative energy, instead of counting on all the layers of management you’d find in more traditional creative structures. You need to be great at imagining, pitching, and launching ideas into the world - at the speed of today’s culture.
We believe in the potential of every person to leave a mark in the world, and we designed enso to help you achieve that.

Let’s design new futures together.

Who You Are:
  • You have the proven chops. You have 10+ years of experience at an agency, design firm, service design, design thinking or innovation firm. 
  • You are a wordsmith. You love a good copywriting challenge. You can take on the voice of many different audiences. You translate creative innovation with ease. 
  • You’re an excellent presenter. You are 100% confident presenting to clients at all levels within organizations and across various industries. You get energized by meeting with and presenting work to clients.
  • You’re relationships-oriented. You have an uncanny ability to build strong relationships with your client partners. You quickly gain their trust and respect. You create client partnerships based upon the mutual goal of putting excellent work out into the world.
  • You’re highly conceptual and you constantly bring fresh ideas to the table. You have a strong conceptual ability and can distill ideas in clear, powerful ways. You’ve been at the center of big ideas that get brought to life. Your emotional intelligence is high and allows you to gauge the mindset of different audiences.
  • You are cutting-edge. You’re armed with a toolkit and comprehensive knowledge of the latest advancement in technologies used in creative direction and digital marketing. 
  • You are bold. You have a very expansive range of visual styles and aren’t afraid to take risks. You believe that our world will only be changed by the big, optimistic, and unconventional ideas of our time. 
  • You’re adaptable and optimistic. You can go with the flow and you don’t let hiccups upset you. You don’t take life too seriously. You’re extremely flexible adapting to changes. You’re always curious and have an “explorer” mindset.
  • You’re an exceptional communicator. You have a gift for understanding your audience and have developed a mastery of language, written and spoken for representing ideas, brand narratives, and executional storytelling. You have the ability to craft stories and build brands through impact-driven thinking and activation.
  • You’re a mission-aligned team leader. You lead your team with empathy. Maybe you haven’t found work in the “impact space” but you’re passionate about it. You bring humility, integrity and levity to the table every day.
Here’s What You Can Expect...

LEGACY | Your impact in this role

  • You will contribute to building world changing shared missions with some of today's top people-powered brands dedicated to impact such as Google, Lyft, Indeed, and Khan Academy. 
  • You will join an incredibly talented small team from a diverse range of backgrounds ranging from creative agencies to political campaigns and advocacy groups to startups and nonprofits, all whom are dedicated to continued learning — helping us achieve our goals together.

MASTERY | The growth and development you will experience 

  • You will further develop your ability to thrive in a small, fast-paced environment. 
  • You will hone your craft. You will take on projects to strengthen your creative ideation and activation skills, and your personal portfolio. 
  • You will be mentored by other exceptional leaders who are eager for your perspective and to invest in your personal and professional growth.

FREEDOM | The tangible and intangible perks of this role

  • You will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, random perks, remote work environment, and coaching and mindfulness training opportunities.
Feel Right For You? Throw your hat in the ring!

Please complete the following application and share more about yourself with us. In addition to your resume and CV please take your time to also provide short-answers to the questions below. 

What Happens Next?

We promise that every application will be met with human eyes. We care about your candidate experience and will do our best to communicate with you soon. If the team decides to move forward, the next step will be a short initial phone conversation with a member of our team. 

If you are chosen to join our team, you will be invited to enjoy:

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Matching up to 4% of a 401K (free money!)
  • Great medical insurance and disability insurance
  • An open vacation policy 
  • Work from anywhere every day
  • Generous holiday calendar
Interested? Short Answer Questionnaire

Send an email to careers@enso.co with the subject line: Creative Director Position and the answers to the short questionnaire below:

  1. Share with us why the prospect of joining Enso in this capacity both excites you and aligns with your personal journey and career goals. Consider both the mission of the company and the function of the role. (150 words)
  2. What's the future you'd like to help create? (200 words)
  3. Tell us about an impact initiative you’re most proud of. What was your approach to the creative direction performed? What did you learn? Be specific. (250 words)
  4. It's always hard to talk about compensation but it's critical. Please can you share a range that you’re looking for in the next role? This isn't to negotiate of course, it's just to make sure we can be in the right ballpark (or close) from the start. We want to make the best use of everyone's time!

OPTIONAL. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your candidacy for this role? Feel free to provide links.

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