Enso Cultural Strategist

We are looking for a strategy and creative contributor with a unique blend of interests, skills and extraordinary talents. Think, part cultural maven, social activist, strategist and communicator who is also heart led and believes business can and should be a platform for positive change. You’re curious and optimistic. You love staying plugged into the trends and issues that drive culture. You know that people inspired and mobilized can be leaders alongside brands to push the world forward.

You will contribute to positioning mission driven brands as well as develop strategies to create positive social impact with brands. You will help plan and lead research initiatives that provide actionable knowledge on our clients’ brand, culture, and audience. You’ll uncover insights through various research and discovery methods including but not limited to primary and secondary research, ethnographic research, surveys, user interviews, etc. You'll identify patterns, pull out insights, interpret cultural and social trends, and bridge them with the current landscape to craft fresh and smart strategies to reach and activate people. 

From your research and insights, you will contribute to the conceptualization and writing of articles and final published reports.  You will create content that shares our learnings and helps the world understand how business can create impact at scale.

Who You Are:
  • You have the proven chops. You have 3-10 years of experience in strategy / problem solving / planning within an agency and have a strong understanding of how to think about brands and their potential to create scalable change.

  • You’re an exceptional communicator. You have a gift for understanding your audience, and can effectively communicate whether delicately crafting a strategic story within a deck or brief, or bringing strategic inspiration to creative teams. 

  • You’re an insights detective. You can take complex ideas and make them beautifully simple and powerful. You’re comfortable developing strategic insights for our existing clients as well as new business opportunities. A lot of times, the briefings mentioned above are for pitches, and they need grounding, facts, direction and action at lightning speed.

  • You have an excellent tool belt and constantly bring fresh ideas to the table. You are familiar with and have experience applying various research approaches to the table depending on the task at hand (qualitative, quantitative, desktop, etc). You pride yourself on pinpointing the newest, most cutting edge artists, thinkers and doers that shape our future.

  • You are naturally curious and hungry to learn. You’re fascinated by what the future may look like. You’re eager to discover as much as you can about anything. You’re as comfortable digging for gold in a pile of research as you are creating a new survey, or interviewing stakeholders for research.

  • You’re keen on the details. No slip ups can get by your eye. You have a sharp, strong attention to detail and feel as though detail and nuance are your superpowers. You can easily find the tensions to leverage for change.

  • You’re a proactive self-starter. You don’t need to be handheld, rather you seek autonomy to spread your wings and see each task as an opportunity to learn and grow. Thus, you’re naturally trusted with a lot of responsibilities. 

  • You’re a mission-aligned team player. Maybe you haven’t found work in the “impact space” but you’re passionate about it. You’re known for your empathy and desire to make a positive impact on those you meet. You bring humility and integrity, and levity to the table every day. You’re obsessed by serving others, and leaving the world better for more people

  • Bonus: experience in digital data analytics, brand building, and presenting

Here’s What You Can Expect...

LEGACY | Your impact in this role

  • You will contribute to building world changing shared missions with some of today's top people-powered brands dedicated to impact such as Google, Lyft, Indeed, Khan Academy, etc.
  • You will join an incredibly talented small team from a diverse range of backgrounds ranging from top ad agencies to political campaigns and advocacy groups to startups and nonprofits, all of whom are dedicated to continued learning.

MASTERY | The growth and development you will experience 

  • You’ll strengthen your research and analytical thinking skills, and your expertise in the understanding of developing strategies as they relate to brands. 
  • You will further develop your ability to thrive in a small, remote, and fast-paced environment.

 FREEDOM | The tangible and intangible perks of this role

  • You will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, a generous holiday/ PTO allowance, and coaching and mindfulness training opportunities.
  • You will work remotely and can exercise your autonomy in a professional and productive manner.
Feel Right For You? Throw your hat in the ring!

Please complete the following application and share more about yourself with us. In addition to your resume and CV please take your time to also provide short-answers to the questions below.

What Happens Next?

We promise that every application will be met with human eyes. We care about your candidate experience and will do our best to communicate with you soon. If the team decides to move forward, the next step will be a short initial phone conversation with a member of our team. 

If you are chosen to join our team, you will be invited to enjoy:

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Matching up to 4% of a 401K (free money!)
  • Great medical insurance and disability insurance
  • An open vacation policy 
  • Work from anywhere every day
  • Generous holiday calendar

Interested? Short Answer Questionnaire

Send an email to careers@enso.co with the subject line: Cultural Strategist Position and the answers to the short questionnaire below:

  1. Share with us why the prospect of joining Enso in this capacity both excites you and aligns with your personal journey and career goals. Consider both the mission of the company and the function of the role. What's the future you'd like to help create? (150 words)
  2. Tell us about a strategy project you’re most proud of. What was your approach to the research you performed? What did you learn? Be specific. (250 words)
  3. It's always hard to talk about compensation but it's critical. Please can you share a range that you’re looking for in the next role? This isn't to negotiate of course, it's just to make sure we can be in the right ballpark (or close) from the start. We want to make the best use of everyone's time!

OPTIONAL. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your candidacy for this role? Feel free to provide links.

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