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The Power Of Purpose: How Enso Is Helping Leaders Turn Purpose Into Action

With clients as diverse as Google, Khan Academy and Barbie, Los Angeles-based social impact agency Enso is breaking new ground on how to help brands turn purpose into action - and coach a new generation of purpose-driven business leaders #thepowerofpurpose

A Journey Toward Purpose and Impact for a Leader, Her Team, and a Fortune 500 Company

R ecently, while building a social impact initiative with Mattel called The Dream Gap Project, enso's Leadership for Impact practice also engaged with their product design leadership in a parallel journey of uniting personal purpose with company mission and positive impact.

Impact at scale happens from the inside out. - COLLIDE - Medium

W hy has enso added organizational culture and leadership development and coaching to our offerings of building mission-driven brands and shared missions? Our own stated mission is "Impact at Scale." And so it makes sense that while we uplift organizations and systems in service to that, that we also do that with the people who create those things and fill them.

Episode 008: Why Being Authentic is Good for Business with Kirk Souder - Barbara Patterson

Kirk Souder is Co-Founder of Enso, a renowned impact agency that works with organizations like Google, YouTube, Khan Academy, Mattel, TOMS, Medium, and The Nature Conservancy, helping them harness their considerable platforms to create positive impact at scale.

Why Leading from Our Authentic Self Matters

There is another "gear" of creativity, fulfillment and success available. That gear is beyond our intellect and our grit. When we learn to tap into it we experience whole new levels. That gear is our authentic self, our essence. It's not soft or fluffy, it's where our highest ideas, collaboration and connection comes from.

Who has the power to lead? - COLLIDE - Medium

U nderstanding culture, and how it's changing, is important context for us when working towards creating positive impact at scale. We want to know who can lead culture, and who has a depth of resonance beyond peripheral fame, but based on shared values. For the past three years, enso has studied Americans' perceptions of brands.

Capitalism needs a generation of inspired leaders - COLLIDE - Medium

A round 500 years in, capitalism is challenged. Undoubtedly the most powerful force to have shaped the world we live in, but also the cause of an unprecedented climate crisis, extreme wealth inequality, and general discontent.

Creating Your Vision

The List -vs- The Experience: - Kirk Souder - Medium

Coaching's great detour and the one question that can avoid it. Over the years I've had the privilege and joy of coaching entrepreneurs, executives, artists, and colleagues in my own firms. During that time, I've also been asking them about their overall coaching experiences for my own growth and learning as a person and a coach.

How Do We Go Beyond our Limits

In business we often experience roadblocks or limitations. However, often those are limitations of the mind and not a truth. Learning the role our state-of-mind is having on how we see ourselves and our business allows us to breakthrough perceived limitations.

How Do We Make Things Happen?

If I don't make it happen, nothing will get done. This is a common thought of entrepreneurs and leaders. When we think it's all up to us, we miss the huge resource that is available to all humans.

On Leadership: An Acacia Tree Teaches Receiving - Kirk Souder - Medium

In working with leaders we inevitably observe a common trait in the truly revered ones: A deeply ingrained mindset of service. They know they will optimize both the output and the morale of their organizations and teams by waking up every morning and asking "How can I be in service today to the people I work with, and how can I be of service to the people who are the recipients of what we are creating?"

Purpose, without impact, is dead. - COLLIDE - Medium

It would be impossible to scan any business publication tomorrow morning without finding something written about the growing importance of purpose in business. In fact, as you read this, there is without a doubt on every continent, dozens of gatherings of executives in conference rooms taking turns on a whiteboard hammering out what their company's purpose is.

Finding Purpose

How do we connect more leaders to their next act in purpose and impact?

You can tell what's informing a society by what the tallest building is. When you approach a medieval town, the cathedral is the tallest thing in the place. When you approach an 18th century town, the political palace is the tallest thing in the place.

The Guru is You. - Kirk Souder - Medium

You could stop right there with no need to go further. It's all you really need to know. But being as you are continuing, there is the possibility you'd like a little more validation or explanation, and so a proof of sorts is what follows, with a couple trails to finding the guru that is you.

A terminal condition becomes a gateway to a soul's purpose

At the age of eighteen, while laying in a hospital bed, a doctor I had never seen before entered my room followed by an unlikely number of interns and nurses, none of whom could make eye contact with me.

Helping Uber Determine What Moves Us - COLLIDE - Medium

We launched an initiative to shed light on how Uber works, and the principles that drive it P eople around the world are considering how best to move forward; how to create the conditions for the right path ahead. This is particularly true within the technology industry. And particularly true within Silicon Valley.

Kirk Souder_Creating Impact by Finding Your Soul's Purpose #59

"The most important thing - and I think the thing that is traditionally really missing in business, but also particularly in agency and brand relationships - is the act of listening. And I mean really listening." ~Kirk Souder Here are two questions for you to consider.


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