1:1 Leadership Coaching for Impact
We help leaders unite with their authentic self, personal purpose, their impact vision, and their road map to get there

Team Workshops and Retreats
We help generate scaled engagement and innovation through acknowledging and uniting each individual’s purpose with the broader mission of the team or company

Conferences & Summits
We concept, design and facilitate events that bring together the inspiration of summits with the transformational programs of deep leadership workshops.

Speaking Engagements
Enso leadership has spoken all over the world on subjects such as transformative leadership, new models for uniting business with impact, and evolutionary capitalism.


Recent Events & Workshops:

Google Fiber Purpose Retreat

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In creative exercise of discovering and unifying personal values and brand mission

In creative exercise of discovering and unifying personal values and brand mission

In our sixth year of working with Google, a new team had been assembled and with that a need to galvanize behind a common mission. We knew the team needed to experience alignment between their own personal missions and the mission of the business unit, so we designed a workshop that facilitated the discovery of both.  The team left invigorated with an understanding of how their personal mission aligned with the brand to generate positive impact, operating principles for the division, and even a purpose-oriented marketing platform.


Soul Purpose Conference and Workshop

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Kirk Souder working with a technology executive at Soul Purpose Conference & Workshop

Kirk Souder co-designs and co-leads a conference and workshop called Soul Purpose, uniting hundreds of high-impact business leaders from around the globe with their personal purpose so they can then vision and design career directions to create positive impact in the world. Many chose to integrate their personal mission into the company platform they were in and thereby serve themselves and the broader impact and business goals of the company.



Mattel’s “Being Limitless” Workshop

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 3.00.09 PM (3)

Mattel’s “Being Limitless” Workshop Kirk Souder, Licia Rester-Frazee, and Kim Culmone, facilitating “Being Limitless” for Mattel

Working with enso coaching client, Kim Culmone, Global Design Lead for Barbie at Mattel, Kirk co-designed and co-facilitated the Being Limitless Workshop for the entire seventy person design staff. The intention was to distribute what Kim had gained from the Soul Purpose event and Kirk’s one-on-one impact coaching. The programming helped participants unite with their inner purpose, find alignment with the broader mission of Barbie, and then develop their own impact plan. Those impact plans are now underway and the mindset shift within the individuals is visualized below based on a pre and post study.

Click here to see the case study



Beyond Limits Business Summit

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 2.47.33 PM

 Kirk Souder speaking at the Beyond Limits Business Summit

The Beyond Limits Business Summit is a conference dedicated to the power of inner leadership on the success, positive impact, and culture of today’s progressive enterprises. Kirk led the audience in an experiential program to identify their authentic “Inner CEO”, the qualities of authentic leadership that abound there, and design an impact opportunity ahead of them.


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