Leadership for Impact Coaching

“Kirk’s guidance and wisdom have been monumental in shaping my career and inner happiness! Working as Global Creative Director at Uber Eats, my sessions with Kirk have shifted my perspective and helped me identify the positive change I could achieve within my role and the company. It felt almost magical, but within weeks of starting with Kirk, new opportunities began to appear before me. After less than six months of our first session, I have launched a global campaign giving back to tens of thousands of drivers and delivery people, backed by the most senior stakeholders in the company, and has allowed me to transition and expand my role to focus on social impact within the organisation. None of this would have happened without Kirk. I was able to better lives, because he helped me see an opportunity where I hadn't thought to look.”

— Einav Jacubovich, Global Creative Director Uber Eats


"When I first reached out to Kirk for coaching, I had just accepted a new role. I wanted Kirk to help me make sure this new role didn’t become another default experience but one of purposeful design that would maximize meaning, joy and creativity for me. Kirk helped me accomplish that by reflecting the kind of leader that was already inside me, what I wanted to achieve and how to use the platform I had to advance those goals. Kirk helped me identify and run towards the things that bring me joy, and in doing so has made me a better leader, and brought greater authenticity and therefore innovation and fulfillment to the work I do every day."

— Scott Donaton, Head of Creative, Hulu 


“I’ve gained practical skills and tools that lead to self-discovery – both personal and professional. I’ve experienced all of this and more working with Kirk Souder as my coach. Somehow trough his deeply soul-centered and focused process I reach a knowing and clarity that unlocks my motivation. Through his teaching I am able to push beyond perceived barriers and manifest my intentions."

— Kimberly Culmone, VP Global Design Lead,  Barbie, MATTEL


“Kirk Souder has been an incredible coach and mentor for me. His intuitive, heart-led style mixed with real-world business practicality, all wrapped in a philosophy of love, kindness, and understanding, has helped me reach new levels as a leader and CEO.”

— Sam Polk, CEO,  Everytable


“Last year I faced one of my toughest challenges as a CEO, and individual, and I turned to Kirk as my coach because I instinctively knew that he could help me with both. I learned more about myself and my inner power than I would had I tried to handle it on my own. Together, we worked on overcoming some pretty big obstacles and turned them into a great opportunity for both me and my company. I am forever a fan of Kirk’s coaching.”

— David Angelo, Founder & Chairman, David&Goliath


“ I am a senior music executive in the midst of transitioning my career, utilizing my gifts, talent, skills and experience in a more heart centered purposeful way.   If you want a coach that will tell you what to do Kirk may not be for you. If you want a coach that can bring out the very best ‘authentic' you with greater focus and clarity then you will not find a coach more talented and effective than Kirk.”

— Kim Garner, Content Development and Acquisition, AEG


“When he listens it is resounding, and focused. When he speaks it is clear, and focused. Our sessions have a sense of magic. As a result, I was re-ignited in my personal mission and able to activate it. If you ever have time the opportunity to work with Kirk--grab it--you will not regret it.”

— Howard Goldkrand, Innovation Director, SapientRazorfish


“Kirk has helped me more clearly see my inner vision and propel my actions around the values that are most important to me. His coaching has helped me to commit, stay focused, and be aligned with MY priorities as I work through a major life transition - personally and professionally. I highly recommend Kirk for his skill, his expertise and his commitment to helping others seek their own genius.”

— Christopher Keefe, VP,  Omidyar Network

“Chemo and surgery had not only left me physically depleted but also mentally depleted as well. I was questioning everything. Work had lost meaning. I was asking myself questions like, “What now?” and “What next?”.  But, working with Kirk has changed my life in many ways. He quickly helped me rediscover purpose and what I am pulled to do. My time with Kirk has not only led to greater successes, but I’m having more fun doing what I love to do.

— Taras Wayner, CCO,  Saatchi & Saatchi

“ I can say without a doubt that Kirk’s guidance has changed my life. He’s kind of like a soul whisperer.  Kirk will introduce powerful tools and a results-oriented, co-creative process that’s practical and actionable. The days following my sessions with Kirk would be filled with joy and lightness. I would experience increased moments of overwhelming beauty and gratitude.. I invite anyone considering Kirk as a coach to experience what it’s like to overcome any limitation and step into the reality of who you truly are.”

— Kai Fang, Chief Innovation Officer, HZGD


"Working with Kirk is about more than "leadership training". It's about becoming a more present, conscious, human being working with intention. We’ve been able to align our people around a common purpose and bring a sense of unity to the company. We've realigned the company around our  values in a way that is attracting the right kind of business that is on mission which has led to a better bottom line, more fulfilling work, and happier employees..'

— David Baldwin, CEO, Baldwin&   

Mattel's Being Limitless

“This team was bonded before the workshop but I love seeing them connecting and communicating in new ways. Organically formed groups are taking on Purpose Journaling, they’ve formed Accountability Partnerships to stay on track with their Impact Visions…it is rewarding to see the tangible action around maintaining the positive energy and engagement we committed to at the workshop. They are connecting to and sharing their authentic nature and as a result they are getting to know each other more deeply…that has really dialed up their bond and opened up the creative flow.”

— Kim Culmone, Global Lead of Design, Barbie


“A lot of you know me as kind of a control freak, but what this exercise we just did united me with, is that it is probably safe for me to let go a little — spur more creativity by “allowing” rather than “pushing”. “

— Team leader, Barbie

“I had never known about the “ego” and the “authentic self”. I had always thought all those negative thoughts and the “I can’t do that” were actually me — not just my thinking. Seeing that, I can now choose to let those thoughts go, and choose new thoughts that fuel my creativity and productivity.”

— Team member from Hong Kong, Barbie

“A lot of you don’t know this, but when I design a toy, I am thinking of a young child who may be lonely and may be plagued with self-judgments about who they are, and that perhaps I can give them moments of freedom from that. From this last exercise I see that in a lot of ways I am still that child inside, and in letting go of my own self-judgments and limiting beliefs, I will be able to create even more powerful moments for these children that perhaps can free them as well.”

— Senior designer, Barbie

Soul Purpose Conference + Workshop

 I wanted to thank you for the Soul Purpose impact accelerator. The big message I discovered there was that I need to do less and be more quiet so that I can actually hear my inner voice and intuition and the innovation that lies there. I've been drowning it out for quite awhile with information. Having that Soul Purpose space dedicated to discover that insight is invaluable and I could never thank you enough. The lesson is such an important one that I am still absorbing and implementing it to this day. The results have been great...it's impacted my work and led to a new chapter in my personal work and I couldn't be more excited about it. Looking forward to sharing with you once we're further along. 

— Matthew Carey / Creative Director, Google Creative Lab


“I am compelled to send you a thank you note this morning even though I am fully aware that I have just begun to integrate all the learning from Soul Purpose into my heart and brain.  I am looking forward to reading and re-reading my notes and the realizations that I came to about my purpose. The combination of information and transformation was magic – each process offered something to me and my workshop partners.  So, thank you for putting it into the universe and inviting us all in.”

— Kelly Fredrickson, President, MullenLowe US


“Attending Soul Purpose 2017 was a life-changing spiritual awakening for me. It feels as if I’ve shed my adult skin and have reconnected with my childlike self. That bright-eyed innocence who loves nothing more than to create, express, explore, love, and make others laugh. Throughout the event, there was a lot of new information and experiences that helped me get clarity and recalibrate my north star. For the first time, I can proudly and loudly say, “I AM AN ARTIST!”  And that being an artist is my gift to the world that can make positive change. Thank you.” 

— Chad Rea, Artist


“Wow – truly transformative. You have no idea what a gift it was to me. I’ve already had 4 conversations today at the office around my experience at the workshop and my mission of reaching and inspiring those in the deepest need with the brand’s purpose and magic. I’ve enlisted significant minds internally who are lit up and ready to take action to make it happen.  I feel like I woke up this weekend. “

— Kim Culmone, Global Lead Product Design, Barbie, Mattel


“BIG BIG BIG thanks for the course. Got immense value. Love the EGO vs. SOUL PURPOSE being distinguished throughout. I am amazed at how much the Ego voice has been sabotaging things that light me up. The Los York Label is an amazing laboratory and testing ground for challenging the EGO vs. the AUTHENTIC VOICE to come through. Finding that I just need to keep showing up for the original commitment and not let little “concerns” stop us. The team is lit up by it and I am lit up by it.”

— Seth Epstein, Co-Founder,  Los York


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