The world is demanding more from all of us.
Faster and simpler solutions, to urgent and complex challenges.


We believe radical collaboration plays a central role in this reconstruction. We developed circles to facilitate radical collaboration in an intensive workshop setting. Circles are not a rigid structure but a scalable system that can be applied to any organization. Each circle is a unique curriculum customized to the client and a challenge to solve.

Galvanizing Collaboration

How are circles distinctly effective?


By gathering
high-performing professionals

around a challenge that speaks to their hearts, we unlock creative potential.

truly diverse perspectives

to create inclusive ideas, we respond to culture and push society forward.

With a diverse
group of thinkers
and makers,

we can quickly iterate and prototype ideas in truly tangible ways.

The Shared Mission Network

A community for every challenge. We’ve curated a diverse, influential community of cross-disciplinary leaders, experts, and makers in the areas of business, creativity, and impact. For each circle, we cast from this elite roster.



At Universal Studios, we brought Google Fiber through a tactile experience of exploring new futures with an innovative animator from Disney.

We convened a team of leaders—including the co-founder of StartUp Weekend and the creator of Nike's Girl Effect—to design the future of aging with Alive Ventures.

More than 100 leaders and activists came together to create a future where literacy is a human right during our Literacy Summit hosted at the cutting-edge Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles.


We brought together a brain scientist, an experience designer and a diverse team to prototype the future of mindfulness with Fetzer Memorial Trust.


Over a beautiful meal at the YBCA galleries, we had a discourse with product designers, community builders, and creative leaders about creativity and building meaningful connections at a shared table themed around social isolation.

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