OCTOBER 20, 2020


Sam Polk is an ex-Wall Street warrior turned social entrepreneur, now serving the people of South Central LA as CEO of his take-out restaurant chain, Everytable. Armed with one simple mission, "Healthy food is a Human Right and should be accessible to all”, Everytable has been serving up delicious and nutritious meals with prices based on the income level of the neighborhood in which they are served, quickly disrupting LA’s food deserts and the stranglehold fast-food has held there. Then enters COVID-19 and restaurants become out of bounds for their communities. Suddenly, everything Sam had worked toward for years was under threat.

But the inner tools Sam acquired through his own personal journey going from hedge-fund killer to activist-entrepreneur for food equality, enabled him to see new possibility and seize opportunity from calamity and move his business from a disaster story to a story of even greater success. Over the first three months of the pivot, Everytable served over one million meals to LA’s vulnerable communities (this is more than served in the past three years in their traditional model) and will have provided jobs to hundreds of recently unemployed. How did mindset save the day not just for Everytable but for thousands of Angelenos? Hear Sam’s story as he speaks with Kirk, ask Sam your own questions, and receive coaching on how mindset can elevate your own endeavor and challenges with new possibilities.


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Kirk Souder talks to enso clients and leaders he coaches who have flipped fate and overcome their challenges, successfully emerging with something greater both for their companies and the world.


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