NOVEMBER 12, 2020


Kirk, joined by Kim Culmone, SVP Global Product Design Lead of Mattel to discuss how mindset helped her overcome giant inner and outer obstacles to revolutionize Barbie and turn her into a force for good.

While participating in an enso leadership workshop co-designed by Kirk Souder, Kim discovered her inner purpose to help the disenfranchised. But being in a for-profit Fortune 500 company, Kim assumed that she’d have to leave her job to pursue this calling. However, in using mindset to see circumstance as not a limitation, but a springboard to greater possibility, Kim moved from “this will be impossible here” to “I can utilize this global platform to fulfill my purpose to an exponentially greater degree.”

Kim and her team went to work, turning Barbie into the world’s most diverse and inclusive doll line—all races, colors, body shapes, disabilities, and a Barbie that teaches kids to meditate to reduce anxiety. The work entered TIME’s Top 100 Inventions in two different years and proclaimed as “best practices” in the World Federation of Advertisers’ new Guide on Diversity and Inclusion, circulating across WFA’s 7,000 stakeholders including the European Parliament, UN, and UNICEF. And this from the 10/23/20 Wall Street Journal: “Barbie's Many Shapes and Sizes Add up to Big Mattel Sales Gain"—the largest quarterly gain in two decades.

How did Kim’s switch of inner lens alter the course of children’s play and diversity in the world? Join Kirk Souder of enso in his dialogue with Kim—hear her story, ask her questions, and receive coaching on how mindset can elevate your own endeavor with new possibilities.


Kirk Souder talks to enso clients and leaders he coaches who have flipped fate and overcome their challenges, successfully emerging with something greater both for their companies and the world.


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