FEBRUARY 17, 2021


This next episode of Pivot Toward Purpose is a special one. It won’t be an executive coaching client nor a CEO or Global Lead in a Fortune 500. Why a break from titans of industry shifting mindsets to turn walls into wings of new possibilities toward greater business success and social impact, you ask? The answer is simple: Samuel Rodriguez. An extraordinary light of a human and founder of Walls for Justice. Sam is literally turning the real plywood protective walls of local businesses with the help of local artists, into wings for social justice, mental health, and everyday people looking for meaning.

How could we resist that?

Sam, a teaching artist at the Artrepreneurs Program of Mural Arts, Philadelphia, was walking through Center City only to find that the windows of his familiar local businesses were boarded up for protection during the protests. Immediately distraught, Sam, a creative entrepreneur and artist, intentionally decided to forgo any negative thoughts and instead allow his imagination to take flight. In doing so he cleverly emerged with Walls for Justice, a way for local businesses and artists to come together and bridge the gap between the social divides, showcasing justice, hope, renewal, and unity.

What Samuel unearthed was that he was able to solve multiple issues with just his one idea:
• Turns a wall that once separated into an embrace between business, community members and local activists.
• Amplifies local activism and social justice.
• Empowers business owners to participate in social justice with messages aligned with the business values thereby attracting new customers.
• Provides an outlet of expression for local artists and community members.
• Impacts local mental health through purposefully accessible designs that local people can help with, getting them outside, and giving them a sense of meaning and belonging.
• Everyday people can make a difference. Change starts with us (individually).

Samuel is showing us that when mindset transcends the seeming conflict, the possibilities it creates so often solve for not just one, but for all.

If you're curious how the processes and beliefs Samuel used to activate that mindset come to play, join us for another episode of pivot, hosted by enso's Kirk Souder. This can be applicable to leaders of all kinds, from community organizers to CEOs looking for a way to align their mission to create social impact and a better world for us all. Kirk and Samuel Rodriguez will discuss those and other great insights, with the opportunity to ask questions and receive live coaching.




Kirk Souder talks to enso clients and leaders he coaches who have flipped fate and overcome their challenges, successfully emerging with something greater both for their companies and the world.


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