JUNE 21, 2021


In this episode, joining Kirk will be Max Levine, Founder of Nico, The Neighborhood Investment Company, named as a finalist of Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” in 2020.

Experiencing a highly successful career in senior leadership roles in major real estate companies, the challenge Max then hit was an inner one. The sniffing salts of legacy: Was he leaving a positive legacy on the planet, and if not, what could he possibly do to remedy this?

Using the mindset tool of leaving the ego-familiar space of “what one should do” for the open space of purpose, the space of “if I could create anything with my gifts, what might make the world better?”, Max’s range of possibility expanded, and out came an innovation to reverse wealth inequality named as a finalist of Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” in 2020.

Max created the world’s first Neighborhood REIT (real estate investment trust): Nico’s innovative tool of fractional ownership so that local people become actual owners and shareholders in local properties, keeping wealth local to improve neighborhoods. Read about it here.

Max has started with Nico Echo Park, LA: “It’s organized as a Benefit Corporation. We consider our stakeholders to be our shareholders and investors, neighborhood residents (including residents of our buildings), small business owners, community-based organizations, our employees, and others.”

How did Max’s inner move from “should” to purpose enable his mind to generate limitless possibility? Join Kirk Souder in his live dialogue with Max—ask questions, get answers, and receive coaching on how mindset can elevate your own endeavor with limitless new possibilities.


Kirk Souder talks to enso clients and leaders he coaches who have flipped fate and overcome their challenges, successfully emerging with something greater both for their companies and the world.


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