JUNE 21, 2021


In this episode, joining Kirk will be Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor to discuss her book, “Whole Brain Living”, and how to activate limitless possibility in our brain.

Millions first saw Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Harvard neuroanatomist, striding boldly on the TED stage holding a human brain to describe how a major stroke gave her a unique insight (her first book: “My Stroke of Insight”) into how our brains process reality, and into the nature of reality itself. Her new book, “Whole Brain Living”, goes further as an actual guidebook to the “Four Characters” that exist in our brain and how we can activate them to create our greatest life.

The magic available in this episode is expressed by enso’s Kirk Souder: “When I read “Whole Brain Living”, I was floored. We’ve been spotlighting leaders using mindset interventions to convert obstacles into possibility. Suddenly I am reading what is actually happening neuroanatomically when we do this. This book can empower our personal agency to activate parts of our brain (perhaps Characters 3 and 4!), that liberate us to see possibilities in challenges. “

Some examples from Dr.Taylor that hit our show’s mission:
“Character 3: Focuses on the present moment...and has no perception about the past...it sees possibilities instead of limitations; pushes limits, bucks authority, asks for forgiveness rather than permission.”

“... [there are] billions of things in our right-brain world that defy our left brain’s definition of truth. It is so important to realize that simply because our left brain has an opinion about something, that does not make it true.” “In the language of the brain, the hero must step out of their own ego-based left-brain consciousness into the realm of their right brain’s unconsciousness. At this point the hero feels connected to all that is...”

Last word from “Whole Brain Living”: “...Characters 1 and 2 interpret the space between any two things to mean that they are separate. Science teaches us that there is an electromagnetic field ...that surrounds us...we exist within it and it exists within us. Our left brain is unaware of this sea of energy because a small group of cells in our parietal region defines the boundaries of our body, surmising the separation. How different would our world be if we understood that we have the power through our thoughts and emotions to influence this field of energy? Perhaps gaining this insight into whole-brain living is humanity’s collective Hero’s Journey and how we will evolve as a species to live our lives with purpose.




Kirk Souder talks to enso clients and leaders he coaches who have flipped fate and overcome their challenges, successfully emerging with something greater both for their companies and the world.


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