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Google asked enso to create their first product launch for Google Fiber - high speed internet service that’s 100 times faster than the competition. Access to that kind of high speed internet can revolutionize a city’s businesses, schools, and infrastructure. Our goal was to position Google for marketing leadership in Kansas City, later expanding the service to additional locations across the country.

Shared Mission

By framing the benefits of Fiber as a civic cause, enso invited all of Kansas City’s stakeholders to participate in the Shared Mission of transforming their city with better broadband.

After designing a core civic cause strategy, unifying brand platform, and integrated TV and digital campaign, enso mobilized residents to campaign alongside Google to bring Fiber internet to the area. Both mayors and 880 community advocates were joined by The Kaufman Foundation, The Convention and Visitor Association, Start Up Village, United Way, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and a multitude of additional organizations.

Positive Impact

90% of neighborhoods reached their signup goal, exceeding Google’s expectations. Over 36,000 Digital literacy training hours were provided; 1,051 public housing units got access to no cost Gigabit Internet through our Gigabit Communities program; 275 public buildings (such as libraries and community centers) received free Gigabit Internet through our Community Connections program; and Kansas City saw a 6% year-over-year increase in residential Internet usage from 2014-15.

Enso has since launched Google Fiber in over 10 cities across the United States.


For Kansas City, Google Internet Drive Becomes Civic Cause

Nearly three in four people living east of Troost in Kansas City's urban center are black, according to an analysis of 2010 Census data by Andrew Beveridge, a sociology professor at Queens College in New York City. As recently as 15 to 20 years ago, black residents said, they did not venture west of Troost for fear of harassment from the police.

Google Fiberhoods: Better Than Tupperware Parties

A little peer pressure. A little neighborly competition. And a lot of hyperlocal. That's Google's plan for rolling out Google Fiber in Kansas City this year. And so far, it's working splendidly. Google announced last week that it would be granting Kansas City-one of 1,100 cities that applied for the honor-with the fastest broadband Internet in the country.

Google Fiber Is The Most Disruptive Thing The Company's Done Since Gmail

Remember how blown away people were when Gmail launched in 2004? Google Fiber feels like the same leap of innovation. It's been a long time since we saw anything like this from the search and advertising giant. Back when Gmail launched, the other free email providers like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail were offering less than 5MB of storage -- that's five mega bytes.

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