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End Polio


The challenge with polio being 99% eradicated is that the world believed it to be past us, when in reality, getting rid of that last percent will take even more resources and attention than the previous 99%.

We were asked by BMGF to bring awareness to the work that has been done to eradicate polio, but also attention to that the challenge is not yet complete.

Shared Mission

We positioned the 100% eradication of polio in the realm of all the pinnacle human achievements for which getting only 99% there wouldn’t have been enough: Man’s arrival on the moon, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the freedom and presidency of Nelson Mandela. Our original film got global attention, and FC Barcelona asked us to make their own version of the film so that they could activate hundreds of millions of fans to spread the word about polio’s last percent.

Positive Impact

The campaign raised public awareness for the fight against polio to propel continued government and NGO funding.

The BMGF continues to do extraordinary work in its commitment to end polio, with Bill Gates announcing that ‘humanity will see its last case of polio this year’.


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