Good Morning


Good Morning


The pandemic is impacting all of us. It is also highlighting the social and economic inequality that make some communities much more vulnerable than others. Unemployment rates are soaring, and the most impacted areas will need public and private support as they reorganize and recover. In that context, Lyft and a coalition of partners are recognizing that transportation can be a major barrier to new jobs and training, and that they have a critical role to play in getting communities back on their feet as recovery begins.

Shared Mission

How can we mobilize our drivers, riders and our community of partners to come together on a mission to provide free transportation to jobseekers that need it the most? In partnership with My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, National Urban League, Goodwill, and United Way, Lyft launched a nationwide jobs access program that provides free rides to job interviews, training, and to the first three weeks of a new job. Enso partnered with Lyft to evolve the foundational strategy and develop a campaign for this program. The hero launch film features Maya Angelou's "On the Pulse of Morning." Maya’s voice is meant to uplift and inspire all Americans, with a call to embrace new beginnings and new opportunities, especially resonant in communities of color which have been disproportionately impacted by COVID.

Positive Impact

By providing transportation access to communities in need across the country, the LyftUp program sees every ride as a contribution to our country's economic recovery. The program’s intention is to close the short-term transportation gaps related to employment access and job training. The impact numbers will be mapped and shared as we move forward.


Lyft forms alliance with leading organizations to help eliminate transportation as a barrier for underserved Black communities.

As we all know, access to basic needs - food, healthcare, employment, and reliable transportation - is essential to one's livelihood. Yet, the destructive impacts of COVID-19 and other systemic inequities have laid bare the longstanding disadvantages faced by under-resourced Black communities in accessing these necessities.

Lyft to Donate 1.5 Million Rides for Hard-Hit Black Communities

"The need for a focus on Black communities cannot be overstated," Anthony Foxx, Lyft's chief policy officer said.


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