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Google News Initiative


Shared Mission

In a rapidly changing environment for journalism, there is a need to equip journalists from around the world with powerful digital tools that can push storytelling and journalism forward.


With a goal to build a stronger future for journalism, we scaled Google’s in-person newsroom training by developing a robust training platform enabling anyone to get trained on investigative reporting tools, data journalism, multimedia storytelling, publishing and monetization tools.  

Positive Impact

Over time, Google News Initiative has trained hundreds of thousands of journalists around the world, and built a robust network of partners working together towards a shared mission of a healthy future for journalism.


Google Creates News Lab To Empower Journalists

"Our mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media," News Lab director Steve Grove wrote in a blog post.

Google just entered the race to build the future of media with a big new project called 'News Labs'

Facebook, Apple, Snapchat, and Twitter are all knee-deep in competition to shape the future of digital news, from article creation to consumption. Now Google is entering the race with "News Lab," an effort led by Steve Grove to collaborate with entrepreneurs and journalists and "build the future of news."

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