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Impact Initiatives

Grow with Google

Impact Initiatives

Grow with Google

Impact Initiatives


Grow with Google brings the best of Google’s products, programs and partners together to “expand economic opportunity for all Americans,” by providing free training, tools and expertise. With a clear North Star, but limited time and resources, Grow with Google needed to better leverage and prioritize its marketing arsenal to drive more impact and awareness.

Shared Mission

As a long-standing partner within Google, enso was brought on as a strategic and creative collaborator to the Grow with Google team, working on a range of initiatives. To start, we led a 6-week, intensive amplification sprint to develop a unifying shared mission that clarifies the priorities, strategy and narrative that guides all Grow with Google communications. As a result of this sprint, we developed a marketing playbook to guide and align various stakeholders.

Additionally, enso has developed specific campaign work to expand opportunities for more Americans, targeted at key Grow with Google audiences, including SMBs (growing and scaling their businesses internationally with Market Finder), Veterans (launching or transitioning to a new career), individuals looking to advance as an IT professional (providing online programs needed to start an IT career) and KOFs (civic leaders and thought-leaders looking to understand and amplify GwG).

Positive Impact

Since 2017, more than four million Americans have grown their businesses and careers with the help from Grow with Google’s trainings and in-person workshops. And through an impressive network of more than 7,000 partner organizations—including local libraries, schools, and nonprofits—more people across the country have access to Grow with Google’s free online tools and flexible programs. 

Grow with Google believes that technology has the power to unlock new opportunities for growth. When those opportunities are available to everyone, communities across the country can achieve their full potential.


Using Global Insights and Market Research - Market Finder by Google

As tempting as it is to dive into a potentially exciting new market, it's important to research its local demographic, language, and culture beforehand. Understanding the habits of your potential new consumers is a great way of gaining consumer trust, and a sure way of keeping ahead of the competition.

We Need More Veteran Entrepreneurs

It's a quiet, rainy afternoon in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah. At the office of Combat Flip Flops, however, where a product photo shoot is scheduled to begin, the energy is high. Hip-hop booms from computer speakers, while the company's five full-time employees zip around a small makeshift studio space, dodging the freestanding studio lights.


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