Rebuild work


Rebuild Work


Indeed was planning to launch a new content platform (website) to support recruiters and talent leaders. While there was great content ready to go, there wasn’t a larger cultural narrative for why this platform was needed right now and how it was valuable to talent leaders. And in the midst of a global pandemic, it became clear that work and the future of work was being dramatically changed. Enso was asked to develop a compelling narrative and launch film that worked for this unique moment and create a launch idea that could connect with the audience.

Shared Mission

Working with research from interviews with recruiters, evaluating the impacts of COVID-19 on employment and connecting it to Indeed’s core DNA, we developed a narrative and resulting film that recognized that everything had been changed but also communicated the opportunity to make work even better.  While it's not clear what tomorrow will bring, this platform can play the role of helping to build a new world of work, today. It’s an opportunity to Rebuild Work, together.

Positive Impact

Providing insights, tools and resources to help employers navigate the new world of work at a time of great uncertainty. Launched in June 2020, Indeed is committed to supporting people who hire in shaping the new world of work.

Culture fit is outdated. It's time to think about culture add.

It's time to bid farewell to "cultural fit." 20 years ago, when the concept of company culture gained popularity, the term had more meaning. It meant: Does this candidate we're interviewing have the same values as our company? Are they going to work well here? Would their work style be compatible with their teammates' style?

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