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The Way of a Warrant



With privacy and data protection under heavy public scrutiny, Google wanted to explain its diligent method of handling sensitive requests from the government. We teamed up with Google’s Public Policy team to craft a charming video that confronted the issue head on and made the process easy-to-follow.

Shared Mission

To simplify the process, our idea was to tell the entire journey on a game board. Way of a Warrant gave viewers a better understanding of the operation, and added a sense of humanity to the complex subject. The video clearly demonstrated Google’s vigilance in narrowing data requests and protecting users’ information.

Positive Impact

The video – originally created for policy-makers only – has exceeded 1M views from Google users online.


'Way of a Warrant', An Informative Video Explaining How Google Handles United States Search Warrants

"Way of a Warrant" is an illuminating video created for Google by creative agency Enso that uses board game visuals to break down how Google handles United States search warrants. More about how Google handles such security details can be found inside the Google Transparency Report.

Google Turns Its Search Warrant Policy Into a Board Game [VIDEO]

What happens when government authorities ask Google for user data? The question evokes scary possibilities. To calm and clarify concerns, Google has produced a new YouTube video that uses a board game to help simplify the exchange between investigators.

Enso Explains How Google Responds to Search Warrants

Google, which recently published a report on government requests for user information following last year's FISA lawsuit, wants its users to know that they're doing everything they can to protect their privacy while still complying with government programs. So they tapped California-based agency Enso to create a stop-motion animation explaining how Google responds to U.S.

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