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Silicon Valley is at an important inflection point - after years of disrupting industries, tech companies are now faced with the crucial obligation to commit to responsible business growth. This starts with building trust in the technology that powers platforms, and ensuring development is not just about scale or revenue, but also about the customers and communities that technology serves.

As explained by Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber is transitioning "from growth-at-all costs to responsible growth”. Recognizing that change begins internally, enso partnered with Uber's Marketplace team - the people at the heart of Uber’s technology - to hold a mirror to their values, in order to best reflect on how and where to steer their product decisions now and into the future.


We spent months listening, learning, and building insights around Uber riders, drivers, and employees. This included honest conversations with Uber’s product and engineering teams, and resulted in, for the first time, a set of principles to empower, inform, and constrain their product design decisions.

The result is What Moves Us: an initiative that seeks to shed light on how the Uber Marketplace Team designs and builds for the Uber community. We produced a series of films to introduce the principles now driving decisions by the Marketplace team, while answering some of the biggest questions presented by riders —like how prices are determined.

Positive Impact

The Marketplace team’s five principles are publicly available through What Moves Us, and actively used throughout Uber. New and existing products are being filtered by these principles, creating accountability both internally and externally to live up to them.

What Moves Us was launched by Uber on November 28, 2018, kickstarting a conversation about principled technology in Silicon Valley. Uber has committed to ongoing dialogue and transparency with their employees, as well as the riders and drivers who rely on the network everyday.


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