Work Happiness


Work Happiness


85% of the world’s employees are disengaged in their work. That’s a massive loss of human and economic potential. Partnering with Indeed, the largest job search platform in the world, we explored whether there’s a way to help people and companies find good work that enables good lives.

Shared Mission

Working with Indeed’s marketing, product and data teams, and guided by leading academics in positive psychology and work happiness, we focused on the gap between traditional measures (like five star reviews of compensation and flexibility), and what the research has proven to truly make us happy: things like appreciation, trust, belonging and purpose. As a result, we changed how employees can evaluate companies on Indeed Company Pages, where people can now report on the most important aspects of well-being at work. Millions of inputs are now presented to job seekers as The Work Happiness Score, which shows how people are feeling inside thousands of companies, and why.

Positive Impact

Already the largest study of work happiness ever, The Work Happiness Score enables over 250 million visitors per month to make better, more informed decisions, helping more people find good work.  In addition, Indeed is releasing ongoing data insights and expert perspectives to help guide employees and companies to become better places to work.

Happier employees are more productive, more creative, earn more, stay longer, create happier customers and drive more revenue. Everyone wins as work becomes happier.

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