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After building the world class learning platform Khan Academy, Sal Khan approached enso to design and execute a global launch moment with the goal of doubling usership.

Shared Mission

Challenged to create “more than marketing,” we chose to elevate a product launch into a global-growth mindset. Unified around the idea #YouCanLearnAnything,” we developed a fully integrated content campaign—both externally (from TV to Times Square) and internally by integrating with the Khan Academy platform itself—inviting the world to join our Shared Mission.

Positive Impact

Usership grew from 15M to 35M. Learning session times increased by 80%. The anthem video was viewed over 5 million times, and equipped teachers to be “microleaders” in their classrooms. The White House, The Department of Education, Google, John Legend, Lebron James, and Bill Gates connected with and shared our message.


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